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Ohio Energy Economic Impact Analysis

Ohio supports a total population of over 11.6 million residents, 5.2 million housing units, and is home to more than 251,937 business enterprises (CFAES Knowledge Exchange, 2022). Energy development in Ohio is important for the future vitality of the state as it influences both economic growth and the general quality of life of Ohioans. Utilizing the IMPLAN economic input-output (I-O) modeling software, this webpage provides resources that estimates the economic contribution of the energy sector in Ohio.  The IMPLAN model estimates direct, indirect, and induced contributions of jobs, labor income, value added and output from the energy sector operating in Ohio.  

Ohio Energy Sector Contribution Analysis

2023 - Ohio Energy Industry Contribution Analysis Report

Ohio Energy Industry Reports

Energy Mining and Extraction

2023 - Coal Mining

2023 - Support for Oil and Gas Operations

2023 - Drilling Oil and Gas Wells

2023 - Oil and Gas Extraction

Electric Power Generation

2023 - Fossil Electric Generation

2023 - Nuclear Electric Generation

2023 - Solar Electric Generation

2023 - Wind Electric Generation

2023 - Biomass Electric Generation

2023 - Hydroelectric Electric Generation

2023 - All Other Electric Generation

Energy Transmission and Distribution

2023 - Natural Gas Distribution

2023 - Electric Transmission and Distribution


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