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Wind + Solar

Oct. 15, 2018

A renewable energy developer seeks to build Ohio’s first wind-solar hybrid project that would produce enough electricity for nearly 175,000 homes. The wind and solar energy complement each other because the energy production peaks at different times of day and night, allowing them to provide a steadier output together than if each was alone. This is important because one of the challenges of managing a power grid is dealing with the intermittent nature of renewable energy.  Power grids need to match electricity supply and demand moment-to-moment, so natural gas power plants are often kept at the ready to power up when needed. If wind and solar plants built together can provide a more consistent power supply, other power plants could run on a more predictable schedule, with lower emissions and lower costs.  Click here to read the full article, Pairing Wind + Solar for Cheaper, 24-Hour Renewable Energy on Inside Climate News.   


Submitted by: Eric Romich, OSU Extension Field Specialist, Energy Education