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USDA Section 9003 Biorefinery Assistance Program Loan Guarantees

Incentive type: 
Renewable Energy

Eligible Technologies Under the Program Include:

  1. technology that is being adopted in a viable commercial-scale operation of a biorefinery that produces an advanced biofuel; and
  2. technology not described in subparagraph A. that has been demonstrated to have technical and economic potential for commercial application in a biorefinery that produces an advanced biofuel.

The maximum loan guarantee is $250 million

Contact Information: 
Department of Agriculture, Rural Development,
Business Programs, Energy Branch
1400 Independence Avenue, SW, MS3225
Washington, DC 20250-3225
Telephone: (202) 720-1400

The purpose of this section is to assist in the development of new and emerging technologies for the development of advanced biofuels, so as to:

  1. increase the energy independence of the United States;
  2. promote resource conservation, public health, and the environment;
  3. diversify markets for agricultural and forestry products and agriculture waste material; and
  4. create jobs and enhance the economic development of the rural economy.

Uses and Use Restrictions:
Loan guarantees are made to fund the development, construction, and retrofitting of commercial-scale biorefineries using eligible technology. The maximum loan guarantee is $250 million. Mandatory funding is available through FY 2012.