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USDA Rural Energy for America Loan Guarantee Program

Incentive type: 
Energy Efficiency

Wind, Solar, Biomass, Anaerobic Digestion, Geothermal, Small Hydropower, Hyrdrogen derived from a renewable energy source, Energy efficiency improvement projects


The REAP application window for grants and loan guarantees has not yet been announced.  However applications are now being accepted for Fiscal Year 2011.


Minimum guaranteed loan: $5,000

Maximum guaranteed loan: $25,000,000

The maximum percentage of guarantee for loans up to $600,000 is 85%. For loans greater than $600,000 up to and including $5,000,000 the maximum loan guarantee to be issued is 80%. For loans greater than $5,000,000 up to and including $10,000,000 a 70% guarantee will be issued. For loans greater than $10,000,000 and less than $25,000,000 a loan guarantee of 60% will be issued.

Contact Information: 

Randy Monhemius

Business Program Specialist
(614) 255-2424

The Rural Energy for America Program is intended to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy development for rural small for-profit businesses and agricultural producers.

Eligible Applicants

An applicant must be a rural small business or an agricultural producer.

  • The size requirement for a small business is defined by SBA at the following web-site:
  • An agricultural producer is defined as an individual or legal entity which receives 50% or more of their gross income from agricultural.
  • Applicant must be a U.S. Citizen or have at least 51% U.S. citizen ownership.
  • Applicant may not owe delinquent federal taxes or liens.

Eligible Areas

The project must be in a rural area or in an incorporated community under 50,000 population and not adjacent to an urban area. Project location eligibility can be found at:

Project Eligibility

The guaranteed loan funds must be used to purchase a renewable energy system or to make energy efficiency improvements to an existing facility.

Application Website

This website was developed by the Rural Development Office in Iowa. The information contained in this website is applicable to applications submitted for projects in Ohio. Applications for projects in Ohio should be sent to the following address:

Rural Development
200 North High Street, Room 507
Columbus, OH 43215