Residential and Commercial Rebates and Energy Savings Info

Incentive type: 
Energy Efficiency
  • Clothes Washer Rebate
  • Refrigerator Rebate
  • Television Rebate
  • LED Lighting Rebate
  • Air Conditioning Rebate
  • Water Heater and Blanket Insulation Rebate
  • Geothermal Rebate
  • Heat Pump Rebate
  • Weatherization Rebate for DIY Installation
  • Weatherization Rebate for Professional Installation
Tax Exempt
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Members can receive up to $900 in energy-savings rebates. Also, Members can save money by checking out our other resources designed to promote energy efficiency and save you money!

REBATES - These current rebate programs are offered for Members who are residential homeowners or business owners, depending on the rebate qualifications:

RESIDENTIAL - follow these links


Call us about Free Energy Audits and earning $100 on radio-controlled switch installations

Eligible Utility Areas: