Incentive Eligible Utility Areas
Qualified Energy Property Tax Exemption for Projects 250 kW or Less
Energy Efficient Mortgages
Residential Energy Conservation Subsidy Exclusion
Ohio Air Quality Development Authority Tax Incentives
Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit
USDA Rural Energy for America Loan Guarantee Program
Green Energy Ohio Solar Thermal Rebate Program
U.S. Department of Energy Loan Guarantee Programs
Energy Conversion Facilities Corporate and Sales Tax Exemption
Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Financing/Special Energy Improvement Districts (SID)
Qualified Energy Property Tax Exemption for Projects over 250 kW (Payment in Lieu)
Ohio Job Stimulus Plan - Advanced Energy Program
Municipal Alternative Energy Revolving Loan Program
ReEnergize Ohio
USDA Section 9007 Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) Grants
Energy Conservation for Ohioans (ECO-Link) Program
USDA Section 9005 Bioenergy Program for Advanced Biofuels
Energy Efficient New Homes Tax Credit for Home Builders
USDA Section 9003 Biorefinery Assistance Program Loan Guarantees
Solar Renewable Energy Credits
Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings Tax Credit
Dominion East Ohio - Home Performance Program Dominion East Ohio
Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds
U.S. Department of Treasury Renewable Energy Grants
Renewable Electricity Production Tax Credit
Business Energy Investment Tax Credit
Renewable Energy Production Incentive
Modified Accelerated Cost-Recovery System (MACRS) & Bonus Depreciation
Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credit