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City of Cleveland Property Tax Abatement for Green Buildings

Incentive type: 
Energy Efficiency

Cleveland Green Buildings Standard improvements (details are available in the Cleveland Green Housing Handbook)


Abatement terms and rates very depending on the project.  Details can be found in the abatement aplications: 

Contact Information: 
City of Cleveland Tax Abatement Information
City of Cleveland Department of Community Development
Division of Neighborhood Development\'s Tax Abatement Office
Cleveland, OH

Phone: (216) 664-3442

Tax Abatement is available to both homeowners and developers. The property must be located in the City of Cleveland. The Cuyahoga County Auditor\'s Office determines the abatement amount based on the type of improvements. There may be an increase or decrease in taxes during the abatement period when voted changes in tax rates, state-mandated reappraisals, or updates reflecting neighborhood trends take effect.

The property owner will be responsible for paying property taxes based on the land value and the home’s value prior to improvements. Tax savings realized by developers is passed on to tenants in the form of lower rents. Abatement terms and rates vary depending on the project. The contact number for further information is 216.664.3442.