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Butler Rural Electric Cooperative - Geothermal Rebate Program & Loans

Incentive type: 
Renewable Energy


  • $400.00 rebate on purchase of new geothermal system. 
  • Reduced kWh rate of $0.02 between 1000-2501 kWhs during the months of September through May.
  • 2-4% interest rates on loans up to $25,000 for financing geothermal systems. 
Contact Information: 
Jill Hamilton
Butler Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc.
3888 Stillwell Beckett Rd. 
Oxford, OH 45056

Phone: (513) 867-4400
Fax: (513) 867-4422
Web Site:

Butler Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc. offers a $400 rebate on the purchase of a new geothermal system.  BREC also have a reduced kWh rate of 2¢ between 1000-2501 kWhs during the months of September through May.  Members must use an HVAC dealer from the Butler REC\'s participating Geothermal Dealer List (click here) to qualify for the rebate and reduced kWh rate. Loans are available to finance the geothermal indoor system at 2% and geothermal outside loop at 4%.

Program Qualifications:

  • The geothermal system must be an all electric system and be the only source of heat in the home (Any other types of heat must be removed.) This does not include fireplaces or wood stoves.
  • The geothermal system must be installed by a contractor on our Geothermal Dealer List. The loop must be closed and only plastic pipe (such as polyethylene or polybutylene) may be used for the loop installation. Direct expansion and open well systems do not qualify.
  • The geothermal system installed must have a minimum EER of 16.1 and a minimum COP of 3.5.
  • The member must sign a member agreement that explains the requirements on the geothermal program.

For more information, please refer to the program website or view the information packet here.

Eligible Utility Areas: