AEP Ohio Commercial Programs

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Energy Efficiency

Refrigerators, Equipment Insulation, Lighting, Lighting Controls/Sensors, Chillers , Heat pumps, Central Air conditioners, Programmable Thermostats, Energy Mgmt. Systems/Building Controls, Compressed Air Systems,  Motors, Motor-VSDs, Custom kWh savings projects, Process Improvements,  Led Exit Signs, Room Air Conditioners, Vending Machine Controls, Commercial Cooking Equipment, Commercial Refrigeration Equipment, Food Service Equipment, Window Film, Traffic Lights, High efficiency IT equipment/Data Center measures, Agriculture measures

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Phone: 1-877-AEP-3657

Summary: AEP Ohio offers several energy efficiency programs to business (non-residential) customers for the installation of energy efficient products and processes. 

These programs help reduce the payback period of your investment and create a long-term reduction in your energy consumption and costs. Programs may provide reduced maintenance cost, higher employee productivity and improved safety performance.

The Prescriptive Program provides incentives for efficient equipment changes such as lighting, HVAC, refrigeration and motors.

The Custom Program provides incentives for efficiency in complex process equipment not covered by the Prescriptive Program.  

The New Construction Program provides financial incentives for various efficiency measures in new buildings or major renovations.

The Express Program provides incentives for small businesses with annual energy consumption of 200,000 kWh or less based on the last 12 months of billing history.  

The Data Center Program provides incentives for upgrading your data center or IT space.

The Retrocommissioning Program provides incentives for you to optimize your facilities systems.

The Continuous Energy Improvement Program helps businesses who use 3 GW of electricity annually apply principles and practices of continuous improvement to implement strategic energy management that may help reduce your electricity usage by 5% to 15% annually with little to no capital investment. 

The Self-Direct program provides incentives for past energy efficiency projects for customers who use over 700,000kWh per year or is a nation or regional account with multiple facilities. 

The Advanced Lighting Controls Pilot Program is designed to help businesses reduce their lighting energy by 70% or more. 

The Efficient Financing Pilot helps keep cash flow positive while completing Custom and Prescriptive Projects over $10,000

The Emotor Rewind Pilot to promote energy efficiency rewinds and more efficient electric motors. 

The Cogged V-Belt Pilot  is a midstream program designed for suppliers to play a key role in the sales of energy efficient cogged /notched V-belts. Cogged V-belts can be up to 2% more energy efficient than smooth belts and can create substantial savings in volume replacements.

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