Energy Library - Fact Sheets


USDA - Rural Energy For America Program (REAP)

Renewable Energy Policy Series: The Effect of Renewable Energy Projects on Current Agricultural Use Value (CAUV)

Renewable Energy Policy Series: SB 232–Leveling the Playing Field

Renewable Energy Policy Series: Ohio SB 221

A Business Guide for Investing in On-Site Energy Generation

A Business Retention & Expansion Strategy


An Introduction to On-Farm Solar Electric Systems

On-Farm Solar Site Assessment 

Estimating the Size of Your Solar Electric System 

Financial Considerations of On-Farm Renewable Energy 

Using Solar Energy to Produce Electricity for Ohioans

Photovoltaic Systems for Solar Electricity Production


A Landowner’s Guide to Commercial Wind Energy Contracts

Renewable Energy Policy Series: Rules for Siting a Utility Scale Wind Farm in Ohio

Wind Energy Development as an Economic Development Strategy for Rural Areas


Biomass Availability in Northwest Ohio A Report Prepared for Regional Growth Partnership of Northwest Ohio

Determining Location of Cellulosic Ethanol Plants in Ohio, Based on Availability of Crop Residues

Algae for Biofuels

Storing Lignocellulosic Biomass for Bio-Refining Industry

Energy Efficiency

Tracking the energy use on your farm (PM 2089C)

Estimating payback for energy efficiency (PM 2089S)

Conserve heat energy in the farm shop (PM 2089P)

Energy fundamentals for farm lighting (PM 2089N) 

Indoor lighting for livestock, poultry, and farm shop facilities (PM 2089R)

Conserving energy by using localized heating in swine housing (PM 2089V)

Managing swine ventilation controller settings to save energy (PM 2089T)

Energy efficient fans for swine production (PM 2089E)

Sizing minimum ventilation to save heating energy in swine housing (PM 2089J)

Energy efficiency for dairy milking equipment (PM 2089X)

Energy efficient fans for poultry production (PM 2089H) 

Oil and Gas Development 

Summary of Hydraulic Fracturing in Ohio

Ohio Energy Trends: Comparing Old and New Energy Development

Characteristics of a Boomtown

Contributing Factors to a Boomtown Bust

Developing a Model To Measure Economic Change In An Energy Economy

Local Economic Development Strategies for Energy Boomtowns

Community Planning Strategies for Energy Boomtowns