Sustainable Energy Resources

What is Energize Ohio?

A number of factors such as increasing population, environmental concerns, and the desire to minimize dependency on foreign resources are influencing the development of energy policy, industry regulation, and market investment.  The abundance of natural resources and extensive open space positions rural communities across Ohio to play a central role in the development of future energy projects.  However, energy development presents new social, economic, and environmental opportunities and challenges to impacted communities.  Energize Ohio is an Ohio State University Extension Signature Program that is your source for non-biased, research-based information to address critical energy issues impacting Ohioans.

For the Public 

Energize Ohio provides free downloadable bulletins, fact sheets, and links to resources to help you increase your knowledge and awareness of energy development in Ohio. 

For Extension Educators

Energize Ohio is a comprehensive curriculum that consist of worksheets, presentation materials, workshops, website blog discussions, bulletins, and fact sheets to help you customize a program and teach energy in your community.  The Energize Ohio Program is designed to provide flexibility at the local level.  Local Extension Offices can determine which curricular materials are of greatest needs and work with the Energize Ohio team to develop an implementation plan. 

How does this Curriculum Help Local Communities?

Energize Ohio is designed to enhance community leaders' and local residents' knowledge of energy drivers and development in order to promote best practices and informed decision-making on the implementation of sustainable energy strategies in Ohio’s communities.