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Welcome Editors and Contributors.

Check out the Blog entry documentation if you need help creating a Blog entry.


The main management tasks for this website include creating, editing and deleting content, and arranging the content in the navigation (primary links) menu.

The main public navigation contains links to content that has been created as a Page. Some of these pages contain blocks that will display pieces of other content created with the other content types. For example, the Blog page contains a block that displays the most recent Blog Entries. There is also a block on the homepage that displays recent blog entries in a different way. This is important to understand because when you edit the Blog page, you will not be editing the blog entries that display there, only the introductory text at the top.

Content is created using the Create content link in the menu. From the Create content page or submenu, you can create Pages, Images, Blog Entries, Utilities, and Incentives.

Pages can be edited by navigating to the page and clicking the edit tab. Other content can be edited by going to Administer > Content > Content Management. From there, you have different options for finding the content you are looking to edit. This is also where you would delete content.