Welcome to the Energize Ohio website! Energize Ohio is an OSU Extension Signature Program that is your source for non-biased, research-based information to address critical energy issues impacting Ohioans.

Current features of the site includes an overview of the energy development curriculum, an energy library with videos and downloadable materials, and a searchable database of energy efficiency and renewable energy incentives that can be filtered to meet your needs.


  1. DOE Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) Program Supporting Research for Low-Cost Energy Storage Options

    Nov 9, 2018

    DOE funding supports new ideas to provide low-cost energy storage options. For example, one research team is filling silos with sand to store energy as heat and convert it to electricity when needed.  Click here to read full article, “Midwest researchers tap into low-cost, long-duration energy storage” by Andy Balaskovitz.

  2. PowerForward A Roadmap to Ohio's Electricity Future

    Oct 23, 2018

    Ohio’s new grid reform plan, PowerForward outlines key objectives to pursue grid modernization that incorporates smart meters, energy data accessibility, EV charging infrastructure and non-wires alternatives, to offset expensive wire upgrades.  

  3. Wind + Solar

    Oct 15, 2018

    A renewable energy developer seeks to build Ohio’s first wind-solar hybrid project that would produce enough electricity for nearly 175,000 homes.  Click here to read the full article, Pairing Wind + Solar for Cheaper, 24-Hour Renewable Energy on Inside Climate News.