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Current features of the site includes an overview of the energy development curriculum, an energy library with videos and downloadable materials, and a searchable database of energy efficiency and renewable energy incentives that can be filtered to meet your needs.


  1. Wind + Solar

    Oct 15, 2018

    A renewable energy developer seeks to build Ohio’s first wind-solar hybrid project that would produce enough electricity for nearly 175,000 homes.  Click here to read the full article, Pairing Wind + Solar for Cheaper, 24-Hour Renewable Energy on Inside Climate News.   

  2. Solar Farms and Pollinator Gardens

    Oct 3, 2018

    A Vermont solar developer is utilizing portions of a solar site to establish a healthy pollinator-friendly ground cover. This approach can reduce the long-term mowing costs associated with solar projects while improving soil quality, storm water management, and providing critical habitat necessary for pollinators to thrive. Click here to read the full story from the Rutland Herald

  3. New Solar Manufacture Lands in Minnesota

    Sep 25, 2018

    Heleine Inc. has invested $18 million to acquire a 25,000 square foot factory to manufacture photovoltaic solar panels in Iron Range, Minnesota.  The facility is expected to be fully operational in October, 2018 employing roughly 120 workers with a 5 million in payroll.  The facility is one of the most efficient solar manufactures in the country, able to produce 1,300 panels a day.  Read the full story from MPR News.